2020 Collab Club

Imprint Collab Club

2020 Imprint Collab Club


We are excited to introduce the 2020 edition of our Collab Club. This year’s version differs in many ways from the 2019 Club, so please read this thoroughly.

Membership Sign-Ups and Costs

Membership Period: January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020

Sign-Ups: At the brewery, starting Friday November 29, 2019 and concluding Saturday December 28, 2019

Cost: $200

Membership Benefits

$175 Gift Card, for use at Imprint

Free T-shirt Voucher to our Online Store

5% off all Imprint beer – draft, cans, crowlers, bottles

5% off all on-site cocktails, wine, seltzers, meads, ciders, etc.

5% off all food at the Imprint Taproom (please see note below)

25% off on-site merchandise

Two Catered Beer Shares, the 1st of which is Saturday December 28, 2019

Pre-Opening Party at the Imprint Taproom (see note below), date TBD

Imprint Taproom

We are working hard and anticipate opening a new taproom in 2020. However, a new Taproom is not guaranteed. Please make your decision about joining the 2020 Collab Club, knowing that a Taproom in 2020 could fall through, or could open very late in the year, or could open in a location that is not as convenient as our Hatfield brewery.

Fine Print & Questions

Members must be 21 or older. Memberships cannot be gifted, sold, or transferred. Membership is on an individual basis. Member must be present, with valid ID that matches the Collab Club membership name, in order to receive membership perks. There are no pre-sales of beer. We will be offering 2020 glasses at cost, once we finalize the number of memberships. Please carefully read the caveat above, about a potential new location – this is not guaranteed.